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15 days ABS challenge

Let's work together on our vitality! This challenge is for you, to bring yourself back to your sport Habfits again. Habfit understands that it's not easy to make it your own. By participating in our 15 days ABS-challenge, a Full body workout every day, you give a boost to your vitality. Below, you can see experiences of people who joined our challenges before.

Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge

Elvin Roest member of the ABS-challenge

Story of someone who couldn't complete the abs-challenge.

This challenge has not brought me a new habit when it comes to abs exercises. It has made me think about the habits I already have and to develop them. So it has worked to improve my Vitality.

Anoniem Member of the abs challenge

Thanks a lot for the motivation.

I would like to do this more often during the year. Also for a fee. The threshold is really low for me, because you don't have to go anywhere and at the same time you have an accountability partner with the whatsapp group.

Ron van Vliet Member of the ABS challenge

I participated almost every day in the previous challenge. It really makes a difference!

I can see it in my abs and feel stronger. Sometimes it was hard to continue, but even then i still felt the need to perform in the evening. Habit done! Thank you so much.

Ben Mac Kenzie Member of the ABS challenge

How does the challenge work?

All changing habits start in small steps. Therefore, the first
step you can take is to sign up.
Before you sign up, you naturally want to know how it works.
Habfit Elastiek
Start your Habfit!

We start with a measurement

Maintain your Habfit

We continue and practise your Habfit daily.

Keep going

Never miss twice rule!

Finish line

What's the benefits:


- Strengthens core stability and balance
- Good maintenance of your body
- Increased your load and daily energy
- Reduced risk of (lower)back pain
- Six pack in the making

We love to
spread the energy!


You experience the world more beautiful when you have more self-confidence and positive energy. We want to support on their way this beautiful step, by making sports a habit. How are we going to do that? Through awareness (stimulating intrinsic motivation) and responsibility (long-term commitment), we ensure that sport is a means to achieve the goal. We realize this in an accessible, online and interactive way.

Energy is the result of your weekly Habfit!